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NetEffect 10GbE supports MS NetworkDirect

NetEffect announced yesterday that it is

…the first Ethernet company to work with Microsoft to support NetworkDirect interface, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) interface for high-speed, low-latency networks. NetworkDirect support for NetEffect accelerated Ethernet adapters will enable Windows HPC Server 2008 to take full advantage of iWARP RDMA, achieving optimal cluster performance in enterprise and high-performance HPC applications.

…NetEffect Ethernet adapters fully implement iWARP (RDMA) as well as other accelerations that comprise the IETF-approved iWARP extensions to Ethernet. Able to take full advantage of RMDA in a standard Ethernet environment, upcoming version of Windows HPC Server 2008 can achieve ultra-low latency, exceptional throughput, and higher levels of server productivity on par with Linux implementations of iWARP Ethernet, InfiniBand, or proprietary clustering fabrics. Early performance results show latency under 6 µsec and 10Gb wire rate performance with messages under 2KB.

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