TotalView available on Cell B/E

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It seems that if you build the world’s largest supercomputer out of a new processor, people will port tools to it.

Following closely on the heels of Allinea’s announced support for DDT and its profiling tools on the Cell B/E, TotalView Technologies has announced that it’s setting up shop on the same street

TotalView logoThe new TotalView 8.5 release provides users with the ability to debug applications that take advantage of the Cell Broadband Engine architecture, and delivers enhanced IBM Blue Gene/P support and support for new compilers/operating systems.

…IBM Blue Gene/P platform support in TotalView 8.5 has been enhanced to include asynchronous control of threads created by OpenMP and/or Pthreads, support for dynamic libraries, and support for attaching to running executables. The latest BG/P V1R2 drivers are also supported in the new version.