Yahoo and Tata Group in Cahoots

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yahooYahoo has just announced that it has teamed up with the Computational Research Laboratory [CRL] at the Tata Group to perform large scale cloud computing research.  What do these two organizations have it common? Well, Yahoo wants to expand its cloud expertise and market share by swinging for the fences.  CRL, on the other hand, has the fourth most powerful supercomputing platform on the planet and is looking to expand the resource into a truly profitable entity.  Namely, cloud computing.

Yahoo will provide its engineering and integration expertise with the Apache Hadoop distributed computing package.  Tata will kick in cycles on Eka to the tune of 14,400 cores.

Partnerships are certainly be forged in the early days of the cloud computing industry [if I even want to call it an industry yet].  IBM has announced a partnership with Georgia Tech University and Ohio State University in order to develop autonomic technology for cloud computing for virtualized data centers.

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