Acceleware not doing well, restructuring

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So, I’m on record as believing in the low- and mid-end of the HPC market, if only such a market can be forced to coalesce out of the server ether.

I think another way to make HPC relevant to new audiences is to build an HPC appliance that runs one application really really fast, and have it be cheap enough that it’s a no brainer to buy. In fact, I think Acceleware has done a really good job with this model, and I wrote a profile on them at HPCwire.

Acceleware’s technology is software deployed on top of NVIDIA’s GPUs and HP’s servers. Although the company doesn’t manufacture the hardware, it does intense integration with the result that it owns the entire solution delivered to a customer, from silicon to application software. The company works with ISVs in a vertical to modify the key software tools in that domain in order to take advantage of GPU acceleration using Acceleware’s middleware, the “Acceleware Technology Platform.” Right now Acceleware has offerings in virtual prototyping, imaging, and the oil and gas industries.

I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t run a company, because this company evidently isn’t doing well

Acceleware Corp. today announced that it is restructuring the organization, reducing expenditures and is refocusing efforts on the Corporation’s most mature vertical markets …

As part of the Corporation’s restructuring initiative, Sean Krakiwsky has resigned as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation effective immediately. Mr. Krakiwsky will remain as a Senior Strategic Advisor to management and a director of the Corporation….

To preserve capital and limit expenditures, the Corporation will reduce the number of personnel to approximately 40 employees. Departing executives include Terry Sydoryk, Chief Operating Officer; Steven Joachims, Vice-President, Business Development; and Shawn Lorenz, Vice President, Sales.

The company says it is focusing its efforts in electronics and oil/gas (areas I wrote about in my article) until things get better. Our prayers go out to the families losing jobs who will bear the brunt of this restructuring.