Adoption of hybrid supers for corporate apps

Print Friendly, PDF & Email has a good article today on the desire of the enterprise for ever more supercomputing power, with a specific slant on hybrid (accelerators giving an assist to AMD or Intel CPUs) systems and the challenges their adoption faces in business

At this point, a major retailer probably wouldn’t want to use a large hybrid system to run a network backbone. But for, say, a Wall Street company that needs to gauge risk and price derivatives, a hybrid-enhanced performance boost may be just what the CIO ordered.

…”You have to restructure your code to do this. Each application has its own strategy for what work will be handed off to the [accelerator]. A portion of each application has to be rewritten,” Morrison explained. “It’s more of a challenge for our programmers than [for] our IT people.”

Talks about Cell and GPUs with a nod to other technologies.