AMD to take $900M charge in Q2

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While AMD is making some headway in the graphics market at the new ATI cards poise to give NVIDIA a run for its money, the company is still having trouble. The DailyTech reports

AMD logoDespite this success and boosted sales, AMD is still struggling heavily financially. The acquisition of ATI, while finally becoming a success, was a costly one. This is reflected in its predictions for its second quarter financial results, which will be announced July 17. AMD is expected to take over $900M USD in charges to cover its deep debt.

…Ross Seymore, an analyst with Deutsche Bank, said the numbers were noteworthy of some broader issues with AMD, but not game-changing by themselves. He stated, “AMD is taking several one-time charges, but we believe they do little to change the fundamentals of the company. AMD will take an additional $880 million impairment charge related to the ATI acquisition. This brings the total impairment charges related to ATI to approximately $2.2 billion or more than 40 percent of the original $5.4 billion acquisition price.”


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