Argonne's vis upgrade

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Argonne announced this week that they’re making a significant investment in vis to go with their number 3 Blue Gene.

Argonne awarded GraphStream, Inc., Belmont, Calif., a contract that will help to make data analytics and visualization at this scale possible through the world’s largest installation of NVIDIA Quadro Plex S4 external graphics processing units (GPU). …The powerful installation will offer 104 dual quad core servers with 208 Quadro FX5600 GPUs in the S4s.

…The base server building block is the SuperMicro 6015-UR. The S4 attaches to a server on either side of it, forming a “sandwich.” To the servers, it appears as if they have two Quadro FX5600 graphics cards inside of them. While there are small system disks in the server, all of the data comes from the large storage system over the network.

More details, including the comms infrastructure on the GraphStream, in the release.