Bull gets PFLOPS order

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This week Bull announced that it’s partnering with CEA to provide a PFLOPS system in France

Bull logoThe Military Applications Department (DAM) at the French Atomic Energy Authority (CEA) and Bull have signed a collaboration contract to design and build Tera 100, the future supercomputer to support the French nuclear weapons Simulation Program.

The build out will happen in two phases: a smaller validation phase, and then what they claim will be the first PFLOPS-scale system in Europe

A second phase will enable the CEA to acquire and implement TERA 100, the first petaflops-scale* system to be designed in Europe. To meet the needs of the CEA’s Simulation Program, the supercomputer will stand out by its capacity to run a wide spectrum of applications, by the fine balance between its processing power and data throughput, as well as by its fault-tolerant capability. As a real multi-purpose system with extremely high levels of productivity, Tera 100 will also be developed on the basis of open source software and X86 architecture processors.