Details on IBM/NCSA BlueWaters

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The first details in public of the $208M NSF Track 1 Petascale supercomputer “BlueWaters” to be installed at NCSA in 2011 seem to have been uncovered by Ashlee Vance at The Register.

I’ll skip the wordage and list the specs:

Processors: 38,900 Power7 @ 4.0GHz, 45nm
Cores: 311,200 (8 cores per processor)
Peak: 10 PFLOPS (32 GFLOPS/core)
Memory: 620TB (2GB per core)
Memory bandwidth: 5 PB/s
Interconnect: 1.3 PB/s
Storage: 26 PB
Racks: 100
Space: 4,400 sq.ft

One spec missing is how many MW of power this system will consume.


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  1. My guess would be > 10 MW