HPC's Trickle Effect

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linuxworldLinuxWorld has an interesting article today on HPC’s influence upon the greater landscape of enterprise IT.  Generally speaking, high performance computing organizations run on the fringe of what most consider “enterprise information technology”.  Some more lunatic than others.  Either way, the constant driving force of the HPC industry as a whole has become a significant influence on the enterprise world.

Just as the U.S. space program afforded such innovations as scratch resistant sunglasses, all-weather winter radial tire for cars, and equipment for hospitals to monitor patients’ vital signs, so has HPC been the source of innovation for smaller scale architectures. The technology used to run HPC is spilling over to mainstream IT, reaching smaller entities and companies with a much smaller scale than Livermore use or Sandia National Laboratory might have. Enterprise and SMB market have an abundance of resources to draw from traditional HPC computing.

I’m not going to dive into all of the gory details, so you’ll have to go read the article for yourself.  You can find it here.