IBM's blades in Rackable's can

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IBM and Rackable announced yesterday (my dad’s birthday…hi dad!) that IBM’s BladeCenter servers will be offered in Rackable’s ICE Cube modular data center.

Rackable logoThe ICE Cube modular data center solution will be outfitted with IBM BladeCenter T or HT systems, which meet Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3/ European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) requirements, so are ideal for use in telecommunications environments and carrier facilities (1). The blades are designed to withstand extreme environments where modular data centers are often deployed, such as remote construction sites or oil fields.

IBM logoThe ICE Cube is available in 20 or 40 foot container sizes. BladeCenter-specific configurations of ICE Cube will allow Rackable Systems’ enterprise customers to reach densities up to 1,344 dual socket, Quad core Intel Xeon blades, or 672 quad socket, dual core AMD Opteron blades.

Available immediately.

I think this is odd, given that IBM announced its own datacenter-in-a-can back in June. Perhaps is a case of separate business units within IBM not being well coordinated.