Largest-Scale Fusion Energy Simulation on ORNL's Jaguar

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CrayCray has announced a recent project conducted by the researchers at the University California-Irvine [UCI] that have performed the largest-ever fusion energy simulation.  The simulation was run on the Cray XT4 named Jaguar at Oak Ridge National Lab [ORNL].

Fusion holds the promise of a revolutionary new energy source for the world, and this important simulation has brought us one step closer to making it a reality,” said Yong Xiao, the UCI researcher who led the unprecedented simulation of electron turbulent transport in fusion experiments. “Advances in high performance computing are key to advancing the science associated with identifying and developing alternative energy sources. The Cray XT4 system provided the scale, reliability and sustained performance required to handle the tremendous amount of data produced by complex fusion simulations.”

For more info on the simulation, read the full article here.