Panasas and Penguin Plan a Partnership [UPDATED]

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panasaspenguincomputingPanasas and Penguin Computing have announced a partnership and subsequent plans to integrate the management infrastructure of both organizations’ products. Once tightly integrated, Penguin’s Scyld ClusterWare and Panasas’ ActiveStor, will enable customers to quickly deploy technical computing and storage infrastructure. No fuss no mess.

Penguin Computing’s Scyld ClusterWare is industry-proven cluster management software that today is accelerating the pace of product development at Fortune 500 firms,” said Matt Jacobs, vice president of HPC at Penguin Computing. “Complexities in clustered environments are very real inhibitors to productivity. It is our sole focus at Penguin to liberate our customers from those complexities and enable them to focus on the research and development goals at hand. The marriage of Panasas parallel storage with the Penguin offering ensures that benefit for our customers and is a natural extension of the ease of use and performance features of both solutions.”

One of the first customers birthed from the partnership is AWS Truewind, a weather forecasting services firm.

We were in the market for a fully integrated, commercial grade, production-ready compute resource to run our weather simulations models. Time to productivity was critical for us as was the overall ease of use of the system. The Penguin compute solution with Scyld ClusterWare and Panasas ActiveStor parallel storage proved to be exactly what we needed,” commented Nicki Armsby, director of operations at AWS Truewind. “This powerful combined solution has already had a positive impact in our transition to a clustered environment.”

Personally, I believe we’ll start to see more of these tightly integrated HPC management and storage management solutions. As the solutions continue to grow more complex and we continue build larger HPTC infrastructures [case in point, Ranger at TACC], it will be not only convenient, but imperative to operate under a unified management and operations solution.

For more info, read the full release here.

[UPDATE: if you’d like to learn more, the companies are hosting a webinar on July 15 where Matt Jacobs, VP of HPC at Penguin Computing and Larry Jones, VP, Marketing at Panasas, will discuss the venture.]