ScaleMP Announces Support for Dell PowerEdge Platform

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scalempScaleMP today announced the availability and support of its vSMP [VirtualSMP] software on Dell’s PowerEdge server platform.  The vSMP software stack enables customers to aggregate multiple servers together into a, virtual shared memory system.  Using Dell’s PowerEdge 1950 blades, customers can create virtual SMP platforms with up to 32 sockets [128 cores with quad-core silicon] and 1TB of memory.

ScaleMP’s ability to aggregate multiple platforms into a single virtual system provides customers with a unified, systemic approach to compute- and memory-intensive workloads, deriving the benefits of both clustered and SMP environments, in a tightly integrated solution,” said Tim Carroll, Dell’s HPC business development manager. “Our ability to deliver modular, easy-to-manage systems in tightly integrated packaging also addresses growing customer challenges such as space limitations and power consumption while maintaining up to 70 percent price/performance advantages delivered through blade-based architectures,” added Carroll. “In addition to the sheer performance advantages of these architectures, customers can also realize a decrease in their total power consumption, by as much as 25 percent, because you now have a solution specifically designed to reduce the overall power-draw.”

For more info on ScaleMP’s support of Dell PowerEdge gear, read the full release here.