TACC's Ranger Gets an Upgrade

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taccTACC has announced that they have just completed the first upgrade to their fabled Ranger supercomputer. All 15,744 quad-core AMD Opteron processors have been upgraded from the original 2.0 Ghz cores to 2.3 Ghz. The additional 300 Mhz per core has boosted the overall peak performance by 75.4 Tflops. The massive Ranger cluster is now rated with a peak performance of 579.4 Tflops.

Ranger was the first major supercomputing system to use AMD’s native quad-core technology, proving its performance on large-scale science,” said Jay Boisseau, TACC director. “We’re very excited to work with AMD and Sun to upgrade Ranger’s performance with even faster AMD processors, providing the national open science community with unprecedented computing power.”

The latest bump to Ranger’s clock might be just enough to push it to #3 on the Top500, past the BlueGene/P at Argonne. Of course, you’ll have to wait until November. This upgrade also eliminates the pesky TLB bug that was resident in all of the 62k cores.  For more info on the upgrade, read the full article here.