Terra Soft and Argo Graphics Bring Power-based Linux to Japan

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terrasoftTerra Soft Solutions and Argo Graphics have announced a partnership to bring fully supported, Power-based Linux to Japan.  Terra Soft will provide a license for its Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux to Argo for immediate installation on IBM’s PowerXCell 8i based QS22 blades in Japan.

Yoneo Sawada, President and COO of ARGO GRAPHICS states, “We see potential to improve our current offering by providing a Linux OS whose engineering team is dedicated to the support and improvement of the Power architecture. Terra Soft’s track record is proven, a well suited partner for the existing and new Argo customer base.”

For those needing a bit more umph, Argo will also provide Japanese support for Terra Soft’s Y-HPC cluster manager.

For more info on Terra Soft and their YDL/Y-HPC products, head over to their website.