Verari Announces Sixteen Core Viz Solution

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verariVerari has announced the latest addition to their compute platforms, the RM4510 server.  The RM4510 is a quad socket, quad core server geared toward the high-end visualization market.  Four sockets of quad core AMD Opteron will support up to 256GB of RAM.  Currently, it supports Nvidia SLI and Quadro Plex graphics cards.

The Verari Systems RM4510 visualization server delivers outstanding performance, dependability and value to help our customers visualize and manipulate large data sets with unmatched power and resolution,” said Dan Gatti, senior vice president of marketing, Verari Systems. “We are excited to bring to market the first, most scalable, industry-standards-based visualization solution engineered for complex, highly technical computing and high-performance parallel applications.”

The RM4510 is currently available in a rack-mounted or pedestal-type chassis configuration.  For more info on the new Verari platform, read the full release here.