40 HPC vendors team up on IB interoperability

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I didn’t know there were 40 HPC vendors, but CNNMoney is reporting that QLogic

QLogic logoannounced a collaboration with 40 HPC vendors to validate InfiniBand network interoperability with over 50 different vertical applications, middleware, storage systems, cables and optics necessary to configure an HPC cluster. QLogic and other industry leaders are collaborating to address the need for systematic certification of product interoperability and performance optimization to form pre-qualified HPC solutions.

The results are in the QLogic HPC Interoperability Guide, and lists certification for products by application (FLUENT, EnSight, …), middleware (Clustercorp, Red Hat, …), open source apps (WRF, …), hardware (Cisco, Terascala, …), and industry.

This is part of QLogic’s NETtrack Alliance which is described as follows on the web site

Upon your completing product interoperability testing, QLogic will engage with your company’s marketing team to promote your newly certified solution to the OEM, System Integration, and end-user communities. Together as Strategic Partners, our companies will engage in a variety of co-marketing activities that are designed to ensure our products and solutions receive maximum exposure in this fast growing market.