BMW/Sauber's F1 Supercomputer

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f1CNN Motorsports is featuring an article on the technological setups of the various top-ranked Formula 1 racing teams.  Naturally, high performance computing gear is mentioned.  Specifically mentioned was BMW/Sauber’s supercomputing platform, called Albert2.  Apparently, their computational fluid dynamics experiments have taken the forefront in the development operations, as opposed to traditional wind tunnel testing.

The big difference with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) compared to wind tunnels is that you not only get results, but also an understanding of what goes on,” said team boss Mario Theissen.

He goes on…

Wind-tunnel testing remains important for experimental work and as a complement to CFD.”

I can remember running my pinewood derby cars through tests within the wind tunnel at the local university [true story].  Does this mean that my children will require a small supercomputer and Fluent licenses to build a winning derby car?  I guess I need to start saving.

For more info, read the full article here.


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