Commentary has Canadian HPC infrastructure "failing" to pass muster

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From a blog post earlier this week

The recent announcement of the collaborative effort between University of Toronto’s SciNet Consortium and IBM to build Canada’s most powerful supercomputer (CBC blurb) came in a time when the Canadian supercomputer infrastructure is in dire straits.

In the latest TOP50o list, released in June 2008, Canada is represented by only two supercomputing systems….Among the research intensive and advanced world economies, the failing grade of Canada’s supercomputer infrastructure is even more apparent, e.g. 247 (138 ) of the systems on the list are located in the USA, 53 (23) in the UK, 46 (20) in Germany, 34 (10) in France, and 22 (15) in Japan (numbers in brackets indicate the number of systems ranked above the highest ranked Canadian system, full list available here).