Dell creating line of HPC systems

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From the UK’s IT Week comes news that Dell is gearing up for an HPC product pilot this fall in Europe

Dell will unveil a pre-configured range of HPC systems, with between four and 32 nodes, based on the combination of its server and storage hardware with open source software.

The systems will be based on Dell’s PowerEdge M-Series blades, with initial system roll outs running under Linux operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Dell added it would introduce a Windows-based alternative by the end of the year.

The effort is not on Dell’s US site (, but the company does have a press release on their European site. The effort is focused on departmental resources, and the pilot includes Insilicio, Technical University Dresden, Meteo France, and others. From the release

Dell logo“European research institutes and universities are battling to maintain vital research programmes whilst their budgets are being squeezed,” said James Quarles, Director of Enterprise Solutions, Dell EMEA. “Equally, commercial businesses doing research and development of new software solutions have similar challenges. This pilot programme is designed to provide the computing power needed to accelerate the research process, whilst reducing costs and simplifying the deployment of super computers. This will enable European organisations to extend their HPC capabilities to the departmental level.”


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