MetaRAM's technology to triple amount of RAM you can attach to a processor

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From Ashlee Vance at The Register on Friday comes news of MetaRAM’s latest developments, which are set to lead to single Intel-based servers sporting between 144 and 288 GB of memory:

MetaRAM is led by Fred Weber, the former CTO at AMD. The company launched in February with its unique brand of memory stuffing technology.

To shove more memory on each DIMM, companies such as Hynix pick up the MetaSDRAM chipset, which slots in between a memory controller and DRAM. As a result, memory makers can pack up up to four times as many DRAMs onto standard DIMMs.

…”Using three 16GB DIMM modules, users can achieve 48GB per channel, while other cost-effective solutions max out at 16GB per channel.” MetaRAM, which sells DDR2 technology today, is offering up 4GB, 8GB and 16GB modules to interested memory makers. The 4GB and 8GB units go into full product in Oct., while the 16GB unit hits the streets in Dec.

More on MetRAM from The Reg, and at the company’s site.