NVISION 08 to feature CUDA developer's conference

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Here’s a quickie

nVidia logoThe NVISION 08 visual computing conference, being held in San Jose, CA on 25-27 August, includes a CUDA Developer Conference for software developers interested in accelerating their applications using the NVIDIA® CUDA™ software development environment, which is based on the industry-standard C programming language.

The event will include users talking about CUDA successes on scientific codes and

The CUDA Developer Conference will also include workshops on CUDA development tools and libraries, basic and advanced training on how to develop applications using CUDA technology, and demonstrations and discussions of the performance gains and cost savings achieved. Participants in these sessions include leading industry and academic experts in the fields of molecular dynamics and computational chemistry; computational finance and quantitative risk analysis; geophysical and seismic processing; video, imaging, and computer vision; astrophysics and astronomy; and more.

More info at NVIDIA’s site.