Rackable dumps storage business

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Chris Mellor at Blocks & Files reported last week that Rackable is getting out of the clustered storage business.

Not that most people knew it was in the clustered storage business but Rackable has decided to sell its RapidScale clustered storage business. Taken with EMC, HP and IBM’s slowness in promoting their extreme scalability products it looks as if such products are very hard to get right, leaving Isilon in pole position.

Rackable also announced the news on its web site on Thursday. To whom will the sale be made? That, evidently, isn’t clear

And Rackable? Which storage systems supplier needs to buy a highly scalable clustered storage hardware and software development team and assets? A supplier with no product presumably and that would identify just three possible candidates: HDS; Sun; and possibly Dell, not a good selling environment for Rackable. Making extremely scalable storage work seems to be extremely hard work.

Rackable itself says it’s looking for a suitor and has subscribed to a dating service

As discussed on the company’s recent Q2 earnings call, the decision was made to seek strategic alternatives for the RapidScale product and thus Strategic Advisory Services International, LLC has been retained as the financial advisor.


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