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Archives for September 2008

Clouds: Ellison isn't a fan

This is circuitous, but hang with me: Nick Carr pointed to a Larry Ellison rant on the hype around clouds in the general IT industry that was blogged by Ben Worthen at the WSJ. Larry apparently waxed honest during an Oracle analyst call last week The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we’ve redefined […]

9th Russian Top50 released

News from HPCwire yesterday that the ninth list of the Top50 supercomputers in Russia has been released The new edition of the list was announced on Sept. 23 at the All-Russian scientific conference “Scientific service on the Internet: Large-scale problems’ solution.” T-Platforms maintains the leading positions with respect to the number of systems represented in […]

Fault tolerance in Win HPC installations

Timothy Prickett Morgan at The Reg on a new move for an old server company, Stratus Technologies. He starts off by nailing HPC’ers Supercomputer customers are known for spending big bucks on exotic technology, but they’re also notorious cheapskates. Ah, me. Sadly, he’s right. Anyway, here’s the deal …Stratus Technologies – one of the venerable […]

SiCortex announces new deskside, responds to CX1

SiCortex today announced its newest deskside “personal development system” (72 core system targeted at developers of code for the machine’s bigger brothers). The PDS is evidently a brand change from Catapult they launched at SC last year. Packaged with Linux, the operating system of choice for HPC, the PDS combines the at-the-desk accessibility and low […]

New Red Hat Linux for HPC coming Oct 7

In more reader news (hi, Jay!), we are pointed to Linux Today for news of a forthcoming HPC distro of everyone’s favorite OS. This distro marks a change from the previous Red Hat approach to HPC, as noted by the Inquirer The current offerings, Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC Compute Node subscription, are based on […]

Sun GridEngine 6.2 Beginner's Guide

Sun has just released a new whitepaper written by Daniel Templeton entitled, “Beginner’s Guide to Sun GridEngine 6.2.”  The whitepaper covers basic installation and configuration of the latest production version of GridEngine.  The chapter breakout is as follows: Chapter 1, Introduction to Sun Grid Engine, describes some basic Sun Grid Engine concepts. Chapter 2, Sun […]

SAIC Lands National Cancer Institute Contract

Science Applications International Corporation [SAIC] announced this morning that it was awarded the a follow-on contract by the National Cancer Institute [NCI].  The contract is slated to provide operations and technical support to NCI’s Federally Funded Research and Development Center [FFRDC] in Frederick, MD. The FFRDC is one of only 38 national labs in the […]

TACC Ranger Video Tour

Steve Wilson of Sun Microsystems has posted a neat video tour of TACC’s Ranger supercomputer.  Steve’s videography is much better than my lowly attempt at taking photographs. Check out the video here.

Cray photoshop funny

A reader (hi, Randall!) sent me a pointer to this piece at Photoshop Disasters (originally seen at Hot Hardware), the relevant picture for which I’ve pasted in below. Note the crazy angles that happen when the CX1 promo shot is pasted into a picture with completely different lighting and angles — yikes! This is evidently […]

Sun HPC Consortium in conjunction with SC08

From Sun System News, a pointer to Sun’s upcoming HPC event The Sun HPC Consortium Austin is being held in conjunction with SC08 in Austin, Texas. The Sun High Performance Computing Consortium (SHPCC) is an independent, volunteer-organized, international group of member organizations that own or use Sun computer systems with emphasis on high-performance, technical computing, […]