#23 on Channel 9

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As I’ve mentioned, I’m trolling through the videos on The HPC Show at Microsoft’s Channel 9. I recently finished one hosted by Phil Pennington (who I am going to make it a point to hunt down at SC08 and ask about his job…I covet his job title: Sr. Technology Evangelist) talking about the June 2008 #23 posting of NCSA’s Abe system running Windows HPC Server 2008.

A couple things I didn’t know:

  1. The benchmark was run on a vanilla HPC Server installation, with the new Network Direct interface.
  2. According to the technical dude interviewed on the show (Jeff Baxter), the only difference between the #14 finish of the machine in 2007 with 62.6 TFLOPS and the #23 finish in June of this year at 68.4 TFLOPS is the OS: Windows for the more recent run, and Red Hat on the original.

It’s actually a good watch…I recommend it. Also, kudos to MS for putting an intern on camera.