Cluster Resources to Support Cray CX1

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HPCWire: Following Monday’s Cray CX1 release, Cluster Resources has announced that it will fully support the new platform.  The CX1 system will support both [RedHat] linux and Windows HPC 2008.  With the addition of the Moab Hybrid Cluster solution, the CX1 will have the ability to support both concurrently.  Users will have the ability to dynamically switch between the two operating systems based on workload requirements and predefined policies.

Cluster Resources’ Moab Hybrid Cluster is an established leader for managing, moving, and optimizing workload across Windows, Linux, Unix, and other OS environments,” said Ian Miller, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Cray. “The availability of Moab Hybrid Cluster on the Cray CX1 product is expected to help our customers meet the growing demands for computing heterogeneity.”

Cluster Resources already has quite an installation base within the Cray community.  Users include NERSC at LBNL, Sandia and Oak Ridge National Lab.

For more info on Moab and the CX1, read the full release here at HPCWire.