Colfax Introduces Quiet Compute Cluster

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Colfax International today announced its latest cluster compute offering, the Quiet Compute System [QCC]. Colfax utilizes Silentium’s Active Noise Control technology in order to significantly reduce noise generated by servers and networking equipment mounting in rack enclosures. According to Colfax, the high level of noise associated with dense HPC equipment is one of the largest barriers in HPC adoption in office/lab environments.

Silentium is delighted to form this alliance with Colfax,” said Yossi Barath, CEO, Silentium Ltd. “We expect that combining the breakthrough noise-cancelling technology of Silentium with Colfax Quiet Compute Cluster will deliver a compelling solution to meet the demands of quiet supercomputing.”

The QCC spec sheets claim that they can reduce noise by up to 20dB(A) with a myriad of different processor and interconnect options.

For more info, read the full release here.