First release of SnowFlock

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Pointer to a thread over at announcing the first release of SnowFlock

we’re releasing Snowflock to the general public. We’re making a binary and source relase, under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The release is available at Snowflock – Impromptu Virtual Clusters.

Briefly, Snowflock lets you clone Xen VMs into dozens of identical replicas running in different hosts. Snowflock can do this in less than a second and with very low runtime overhead. With Snowflock you can, for example, perform parallel computations on the fly by scaling “instantaneously” your computing footprint in a shared cluster. Snowflock is a research prototype, hence the 0.1 major-minor. A minimum degree of experience with Xen and Linux is necessary to use the system. The contact address for snowflock is

Great name, by the way. Creative, evocative, but still easy to spell. More in the thread.