Fujitsu Supercomputer Goes to History Museum

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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Stretch party, Fujitsu has announced a similar gala to celebrate the donation of a new supercomputer piece to the Computer History Museum’s collection.  The new piece, known as the Numerical Wind Tunnel, was built by Fujitsu and Japan’s National Aerospace Laboratory.  It was originally used to simulate turbulent flow on aircraft as well as forecast weather.

The Numerical Wind Tunnel went into production in 1993.  It immediately grabbed the top spot on the Top500 list and held it for three years in a row.  All this and only 100 gigaflops.  Not too shabby for 93′.

The event will feature speakers from Fujitsu, NASA and the National Aerospace Lab of Japan.  Its free and will take place this morning over at the Computer History Museum at  10am PST.  This morning!?  You better get your socks on.

For more info, read the full article here.