HPL Gets an Upgrade

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HPCWire: The University of Tennessee, yesterday, announced the latest release of the ever-popular High Performance Linpack [HPL] benchmark code.  The version 2.0 release is the first stable release in nearly four years!

The new release does not produce results that are bit-wise identical with the old results due to complete overhaul of the random number generator. The numerical properties of the results as well as runtime behavior are completely compatible with the historical data with the added bonus of having the new generator scale on the largest supercomputer installations with hundreds of thousands of computational cores. Another set of issues reported by the users was related to parallel machines with large main memory. These issues were also addressed by the fixes that went into this release.

For those not in the know, HPL is the benchmark code required for a spot on the Top500 list.

For more info on the release, head over to the netlib HPL website here.