Intel Launches Six-Core Xeons

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Intel, today, launched its latest silicon geared toward the server market, the Xeon 7400 series.  The latest Xeon line is based on Intel’s 45 nm High-k technology made famous in their previous Xeon release.  So what makes the 7400 series special?  It sports up to six-cores and 16MB of shared cache.

According to the folks at Intel, the 7400 series will scale up to 16 sockets per board, bringing the density total up to 96 cores. Bins will be available all the way up to 2.66Ghz and power levels as low as 50watts.  [The six core model is rumored to chew a minimum of 65 watts].

With new features such as additional cores, large shared caches and advanced virtualization technologies, the Xeon 7400 series delivers record-breaking performance that will lead enterprises into the next wave of virtualization deployments,” trumpeted Tom Kilroy, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group.

Yum yum.  Six cores and lots of cache.  No word on the memory bandwidth numbers, but I suspect they are on par with the Harpertown/Wolfdale series [FSB based].

For more info on the new processed sand, read the full article here.


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