Intel's hexacore product line: Xeon 7400 series

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That’s right, I said it. Hexacore.

I missed this earlier this week. News from Intel that they’ve launched a new line of 45nm process 6-core processors, the Xeon 7400

Intel logoWith up to six processing cores per chip and 16MB of shared cache memory, applications built for virtualized environments and data demanding workloads, such as databases, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning and server consolidation, experience dramatic performance increases of almost 50 percent in some cases.

Platforms based on these processors can scale up to 16 processor “sockets” to deliver servers with up to 96 processing cores inside, offering tremendous scalability, ample computing threads, extensive memory resources and uncompromising reliability for enterprise data centers.

…These products offer frequencies up to 2.66 GHz and power levels down to 50 watts, including the first 6-core, x86 compatible 65-watt version which translates to just under 11 watts per processor core, with platforms available in rack, tower and highly dense blade form factors.

More in the release, and this has been covered ad nauseum in the IT press.