"Is Dataflow the new Black?"

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Multicore.info with the pointer to an article at IT-Director.com on the dataflow model for parallelism.

Computing languages and computing styles often have an element of fashion about them, but a few really good ideas get lost simply because they have never been fashionable. Object-orientation was a fashion in the 1980s and 1990s, now it is just the standard way of doing things. Dataflow may not have been fashionable in the past, but it offers much more to future systems design than just a passing fad. Good ideas do need a period of being the “in thing”, even if it is just to get them established—just as happened with object orientation. Dataflow is definitely the new black. Of course, it is not a silver bullet; dataflow is a useful tool not a panacea.

They mention Pervasive Software’s DataRush product, which I covered for HPCwire earlier this year. Another technology you’ll want to know about in this area is Gedae, which I wrote about last week.


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