Lamborghini Selects MSC Sim Software

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MSC Software has announced that sportscar manufacturer Lamborghini Automobili SpA has selected their suite of simulation solutions. The selection, including the Adams automotive product suite, was made to enhance their product-development process by increasing the number virtual prototypes designers can create.

The Masterkey licensing system allows us to access the full MSC.Software product portfolio, in particular, the Adams automotive product suite, such as Adams/Car and Adams/Driveline. These products will help Lamborghini in building virtual prototypes related to our future models, and to test them before building the real prototype,” said Fabrizio Montagnani, Coordinator of Suspension Engineering and vehicle dynamic simulations, Lamborghini Research & Development Group. “We will also be able to test our virtual prototype vehicles in different working conditions, to try different design solutions and to exchange sub-models with our suppliers using a standard simulation platform.”

In an unrelated comment, the Lamborghini engineers had this to say to their Italian cousins at Ferrari: “Nanner nanner nanner…”

For more info on this, read the full release here.