LSU's CCT Stays Online

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As all of us know, the southern gulf coast was yet again hit by a hurricane yesterday. Gustav made landfall as a Cat-1 hurricane yesterday morning in southern Louisiana. I wanted to take a quick moment and congratulate LSU’s Center for Computation and Technology for staying online throughout the impending storm and aftermath. I did my best to periodically clear my cache and check their website to make sure there were blinking lights at the other end of the wire.

LSU’s CCT, located in Baton Rouge, hosts a large portion of the state’s cyberinfrastructure for education and research. Four high performance computing platforms, a major POP for LONI and countless highly skilled individuals are just a smidgen of what lives at CCT.

I hope all the LSU CCT staff and their respective families are safe and sound.


  1. Although this comment will probably seem like so much hair-splitting to those outside of LSU, the actual folks who manned the battle stations during the storm were from LSU’s Information Technology Services group, not CCT. LSU ITS provides the machine room (and backup generator), the NOC, and a good percentage of the admin staff funding required to keep CCT’s website and the HPC clusters going.