NCCS Buys IBM iDataPlex

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The NASA Center for Computational Sciences [NCCS] at Goddard Space Flight Center has announced that it has purchased an IBM iDataPlex cluster. The 4,096 Intel Xeon cores will provide an additional 42TFlops of compute to the center. The current plan will integrate the new machine will an existing cluster, “Discover.” The end goal being to provide an aggregate 67TFlops of compute to the users.

By nearly tripling Discover’s performance, NASA scientists will be able to run models with higher resolution and greater fidelity to the underlying physical phenomena,” said Dr. Phil Webster, NCCS Project Manager and Chief of the Computational and Information Sciences and Technology Office at Goddard Space Flight Center. “IBM’s iDataPlex solution for NCCS will provide critical compute power for current and future NASA Earth and space science studies.”

The main workload for the machine will be weather and climate science. However, it will also be utilized in analyzing the ever-increasing deluge of data from Earth and space-observing satellites.

For more info on the new machine, read the full release here.