New Red Hat Linux for HPC coming Oct 7

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In more reader news (hi, Jay!), we are pointed to Linux Today for news of a forthcoming HPC distro of everyone’s favorite OS. This distro marks a change from the previous Red Hat approach to HPC, as noted by the Inquirer

The current offerings, Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC Compute Node subscription, are based on the standard distro but tailored for compute nodes running HPC workloads. The subscription is available for HPC compute nodes used in clusters with four or more systems. Users access compute nodes via head node servers, which of course use the more expensive Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES or AS.

Instead, the upcoming Red Hat HPC is actually a fully integrated software stack using combined technologies from Red Hat and Platform Computing.

The announcement is due October 7, and is expected to more tightly integrate the various components needed to run a cluster, resulting in easier management and smoother setup. The integration with Platform  follows up on the announcement made last November that the two companies would start working more closely together in HPC.