See Jane write MPI. Write, Jane, write.

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Reader Owen from the UK (hi, Owen!) writes with a question that I would love to have your feedback on

One of my (non-technical) project managers has asked me to find him a book which will help him understand HPC. Or as he put it, one or two steps ahead of “Janet & John do HPC” (Do you have the Janet & John books in the US?)

I suspect our “Dick and Jane” in the US are Owen’s “Janet and John.” So, what about it…any votes for good primer material on HPC for project managers?

Maybe it’s time for me to write another book.


  1. After doing a google search (what else is there?) on “HPC for Dummies” I find that there isn’t a book yet!!! What? This can’t be!

    I found a “Cray XT/CrayPAT for Dummies” (snuck in a spot for my company (-: ), an “mpi for dummies”, but nothing on HPC for well heeled and educated Managers (read pointy haired here. )

    I’m saddened. We must fix this! Dumb HPC people UNITE and WRITE!


    I know, I know. I need to get out more.

  2. Indeed, Amazon will give you lots of “The Art of…” style books on HPC. None of which, however, are “Give it to me straight and undigested…” Paul Plaszczak and Rich Wellner wrote a book a few years back called “Grid Computing: A Savvy Manager’s Guide.” The title and the content really hit home within the target audience.

    Shall I propose… “High Performance Computing: A Savvy Manager’s Guide”??

  3. Hmmm…I need to get that book and see what angle it took. Maybe I can find a used one for a couple bucks. Might be worth using as a template for HPC.