SGI and Verari Ink Service Provider Agreement

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SGI today announced that it has signed a service provider agreement with Verari Systems. Verari becomes the latest member of SGI’s “Support Solutions Plus” [SSPlus] program. The agreement will allow Verari to contract directly with SGI to provide support for Verari customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa [EMEA] as well as the Asian Pacific region.

SGI is a tier-one service provider that will greatly enhance the Verari support organization,” said Doug O’Shaughnessy, Verari’s Vice President of World Wide Service and Support. “SGI’s responsiveness and flexibility to Verari’s business requirements, and our customer’s service requirements, were key components to our decision to contract with SGI. Additionally, SGI’s ability to scale service offerings as Verari grows, and their track record and strong customer service reputation in the enterprise computing space, were differentiators that Verari Systems required. We are extremely pleased with the cooperation, professionalism, and support that SGI gives Verari.”

SGI will also provide first-line support via their 24×7 help line.

For more info on the agreement, read the full release here.