SiCortex Seeking to Grow HPC Market

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The Massachusetts Journal of High Technology has an interesting expose on the local supercomputer startup, SiCortex.  With a recent influx of Series B cash to the tune of $37 million, SiCortex is making waves within what has been traditionally a tough market to break into.  Fueled by an exhuberant new CEO, Christopher Stone [formerly of Novell], SiCortex has so far delivered over 40 machines.

This may not sound like much, but remember, SiCortex has just recently made the jump from R&D to commercialization.  According to their new CEO Stone, this move couldn’t have been at a better time.

It sounds cliche, but we’re trying to bring high-performance computing to the masses,” said Brian Day, SiCortex’s COO.

Interesting statement, especially considering last week’s IDC news.  However, they will continue to develop their product line in order to compete with upcoming X86 offerings from the big fab-houses Intel and AMD.

We can’t be a one-trick pony, so we have to invest in new technology,” said Day. “Intel’s not just sitting there  saying ‘SiCortex is pretty cool, so we’re just going to give up.’”

All in all, I think SiCortex is on the right track, but they’re up against some stiff competition.

Read the full interview here.