Video tour of new Intel datacenter

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Data Center Knowledge has posted a video wherein Intel trundles a camera through a recently converted fab shop to showcase a high density datacenter transformation. It’s like Extreme Makeover for Geeks.

Here’s an interesting data center retrofit: Intel Corp. converted one of its silicon chip fabrication facilities into a high-density data center, and has provided a video tour. Data center manager Tom Greenbaum describes the retrofit as he provides an overview of the facility, which is really three data centers in one: a traditional raised-floor area with a hot-aisle/cold-aisle design, a second section running ultra high-density (30 kW a cabinet) servers on a slab floor with a chimney system, and a third area housing a liquid-cooled supercomputer. This is a really interesting data center. The video runs about 6 minutes.

Mmmmm….liquid cooling.