Allinea releases debugging tool for MS Visual Studio

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Yesterday Allinea announced the release of its DDTLite plug-in for Visual Studio 2008

Allinea logoDDTLite’s unique parallel stack view enables developers to view the location of every process and thread simultaneously, compare values and variables, and group them based on code logic. Breakpoints for processes and threads can be set quickly and easily individually, by user-selected groups or as a whole. DDTLite also automatically labels processes with their MPI rank rather than their system process ID for faster problem-solving.

“Features such as variable lamination, parallel stacks, and group-wise pause/step/continuation enable developers to quickly understand MPI program behavior, locate bugs and fix them,” says Mortazavi.

DDTLite has been in beta for several months, and is now available for purchase online at Allinea’s web site.