Ballmer Leaks News of Cloud Computing OS

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At a recent IT speaking engagement in London, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer leaked initial details on what he calls “Windows Cloud.”  According to Ballmer, just as Windows Server looked very similar to Windows but with new features, Windows Cloud will resemble Windows Server.

We will introduce one in about four weeks,” Ballmer said.  He went on to say, “We’ll even have a name to give you by then. But let’s just call it for the purposes of today ‘Windows Cloud’.”

According to cloud computing pundits, this move by Microsoft has been long anticipated.  The general manager of Windows Live, Brian Hall, was caught a year ago telling reporters that Windows Live was “Cloud-centric”.

Cloud-centric is probably a better way to say it because Cloud OS makes it sound like it is only running on the cloud. A lot of the data, a lot of the apps, a lot of the interesting things are on the edge. They are on the PCs. They are on the Xboxes.They are on the phones.”

I’m almost curious to see what sort of “features” go into a cloud-centric operating system.  For more info on this, read the full article here.