CSC Upgrades Cray Super

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The Finnish IT Center for Science [CSC] announced that they have recently upgraded their Cray compute platform.  The upgrade bumps the system to an XT5 with over 85 Tflops of peak capability.  They have also announced that later this year the system will undergo a second upgrade, a bump to over 100 Tflops.  The second upgrade is funded by the EU’s Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe [PRACE].

The first upgrade of the Cray supercomputer ensures that Finnish researchers and engineers will continue to have access to world-class computing resources. The second, PRACE upgrade confirms CSC’s strong position and influence in building European co-operation,” said Kimmo Koski, managing director of CSC. “This powerful resource strengthens Finland’s position as an attractive environment for world-class research.”

To top things off, CSC and Cray have arranged a workshop for those interested in porting and optimizing applications for the XT4/XT5 series.  For more info on the upgrade, read the full release here.  For more info on the workshop, read the full details here.