Darkstrand Announces High-Bandwidth Commercial Network

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Darkstrand has formally announced the availability of its high-speed network.  In June of this year, Darkstrand won a bid to commercialize one half of the National Lambda Rail’s [NLR] 15,000 route-mile optical network.  Spanning thirty US cities, the NLR uses a 10-Gbps backbone to support large-scale digital production work for research groups that require lots of bandwidth.

The U.S. is a knowledge economy, and to maintain its edge in the long run, companies need the technology and tools that can quickly take an idea and put it into the marketplace,” said Michael Stein, founder and CEO, Darkstrand. “We recognize that our nation’s infrastructure is the best in the world, and our research communities are already using it. Darkstrand can help corporations leverage this same advanced technology to compete more effectively through developments such as better product design, new medicines, and ultra high-resolution entertainment. Darkstrand is really in the business of showing corporations how to do things today that they could not do yesterday — things that go right to the bottom-line of competitive advantage.”

Darkstrand will provide [US] corporate access to the NLR and bridge alliances between commercial and research-oriented organizations.  Very cool.

For more info on Darkstrand and their various service offerings, read the full release here.