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Reader Katja Rauhansalo sent in this news a couple weeks ago, but it got buried in my inbox

The EGI Design Study (EGI_DS) project aims at establishing a sustainable long-term grid infrastructure in Europe and at moving from the existing short term funded project structure to a sustainable service. The EGI_DS is financed by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. It was launched in September 2007 and will continue until November 2009. It is planned that the EGI organization will be operational at the beginning of 2010. During the last months, EGI_DS has focused on writing the EGI Blueprint document, a proposal designed to determine how to establish a sustainable grid infrastructure. The next step for the project is to determine the best location for the EGI organization (

The launch of this Call for Proposals invites National Grid Initiatives (NGI) and NGI-approved organizations to place bids for the long-term accommodation of the central office which will permanently host up to 50 people. The office must be located in an EU Member State or in an EU associated state, and be available by January 2010.

If you’d like a shot at hosting, you can submit proposals until the 1st of December. A short list will be published in February 2009, followed by final selection in March. Check the site for details on the call for proposals