Evergrid changes name to Librato

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It’s been a while since we’ve had occasion to mention Evergrid in a post. I’m a huge fan of the concept behind one of the company’s products that adds OS support for checkpointing and moving jobs around on clusters (we’ve got a bit of coverage at this site that you can search for; this post is a good intro to a couple of their products, and you’ll see more in the “Related Links” area below this post).

They’ve added products and adjusted their market position as the company has evolved, and yesterday they announced a name change

Evergrid Inc. announced Wednesday a name change for the company to Librato Inc.

…“With the introduction of Load Manager earlier this year, our product offerings expanded to cover a wide-range of application environments in enterprise data centers, as well as continuing to support grid computing environments,” said CEO Fred van den Bosch. “Our focus is on reducing data center expenses by optimally balancing application resource consumption and quality of service through a family of application workload management products.”