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I’ll admit I wasn’t loving Twitter, but when Rich over at Sun’s HPC Watercooler starting twittering ahead of HPoWS, I decided to try it again. It’s proven to be really valuable. I’ve come across a couple new stories following the tweets of those in HPC and the broader IT community, and it’s given me a chance to feel like I’m more closely connected to my readers.

All of which is pretty cliché. This stuff is, after all, what Twitter is about. Didn’t see it before, but I do now.

Which brings me to a request: if you are a Twitter user, do me a favor and follow us at This helps us connect with our readers, and it also helps us keep the pulse of the community as we look for news. And when I say “us” it sounds like we have a staff of tens, but it’s mostly just me and the other John (Leidel) these days.

If you’re not a Twitter user, consider signing up (it’s free, of course). Some people tweet everything (IBMResearch, I’m looking at you…but it’s a fond glance), some people just send tweets related to “significant” thoughts or events. Even just following some of the people that you find others following (check out those that insideHPC is following for a good starter) will help you feel more plugged in, and you’ll be sending off tweets in no time.