InsideTrack: Hamilton to head global HPC sales at Sun

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insideHPC has confirmed that Marc Hamilton has been named by Sun Microsystems to lead Sun’s worldwide HPC sales efforts.

Marc worked with Sun co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim four years ago to architect Sun’s re-entry to the HPC market with Sun’s Galaxy line of x64 servers including the popular “Thumper” x4500 storage server, leading to Sun’s first big HPC win at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. At the time of its deployment in April 2006, the TiTech cluster was the fastest supercomputer in Asia Pacific, and the first Japanese supercomputer to surpass the Earth Simulator on the Top500 list. Marc and Andy then went on to work on the Sun Constellation System used to build the world’s largest x64 based supercomputer in the world at TACC.

For the last year, Marc has been responsible for all Sun systems sales in the Americas as Vice President of Sun’s Systems Practice; he will continue in that role as well as taking on the new responsibility for head of worldwide HPC sales.

“A lot of people think of TACC as a 1-off supercluster”, says Hamilton, “but we have sold over 2000 TFlops of Sun Constellation System clusters to customers around the world and despite the recent financial turmoil around the world, customers continue to invest in HPC systems”.

Marc told InsideHPC he is very excited about taking on the new role of leading worldwide HPC sales for Sun, and says readers should look for a number of new Sun HPC product announcements at the upcoming SC08 show.